Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

15th to 17th Feb, 2023

Exhibitor Profile

1. Building N Logistics Infra Expo brings you up a huge collection of refrigerators or cold rooms, and dairy equipment. Furthermore, hospitality groups, big tech companies, and key suppliers of equipment and technology, as well as services to the needy clients around the world.

2. Exhibiting huge number of products online on a B2B platform saves production cost (Insurance, shipping, and installation), resolves the problems associated with handling fragile or rare objects. Not only, availability of accessing information – whether on pricing, or specifications is the right of every individual.

3. Exhibitors can showcase their latest products, solution-based services to lure huge attendees virtually.

Exhibitor Featurers & Benefits
  1. Quality visitors in accordance to your area or location.
  2. Facility of chat and video calling.
  3. Get high-valued branding.
  4. Showcasing of Advertising event in digital platform or magazines.
  5. Without spending travelling cost, handle clients from your comfort zone.
  6. No cost on any transportation.
  7. No hotel cost..
  8. Requirement of miniscule investments in getting the sponsorship for brand recognition.
  9. Association of renowned big tech organizations to lure upon quality customers.
  10. Associate with some renowned associations to bring cream customers
  11. Much-needed business card.
  12. For your company showcase, about us feature is available.
  13. Available of your product specifications and video tutorials.

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Exhibitor Profile

  1. Steel Modular Industrial / Pre Engineering Building
  2. Cranes – hydraulic, EOT, gantry & JIB
  3. Bunks House
  4. Steel Modular Prefabricated Houses
  5. Prefabricated Houses & Structures
  6. Security Portable Cabin
  7. Prefabricated Portable Cabin
  8. Building heat insulation sheet
  9. Shipping Containers
  10. Scissor lifts
  11. Cement Building Bricks
  12. PUF Insulated Cabin
  13. Solar Module Mounting Structures
  14. Galvanized Corrugated Sheets
  15. Balcony coverings
  16. Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick/ Paver Block
  17. Concrete Block Machine
  18. Structural Glass Glazing
  19. Builders and property developers
  20. Engineers, architects and consultants
  21. Real estate professionals
  22. Beams, Purlins, Frames and Girders
  23. Building Panels & Cladding Materials
  24. Doors & windows
  25. Door, Window Handles & Knockers
  26. Fiber Glass Products
  27. Fire Fighting & Prevention Products
  28. Agriculture Farming
  29. Fountains & Water Features
  30. Gazebos, Awnings, Canopies & Sheds
  31. Marble, Granite & Stones
  32. Metals, Minearls, Ores & Alloys
  33. Plastic, PVC & PP Products
  34. Roofing and False ceiling
  35. Scaffolding Pipes and Fittings
  36. Sewerage and Drainage Products
  37. Shed
  38. Solar & Renewable Energy Products
  39. Stainless Steel Product
  40. Steel Bars, Rods, Plates & Sheets
  41. Street, Flood and Commercial Lights
  42. Swimming Pool & Water Sports Goods
  43. Wire Mesh & Gratings
  44. Air-conditioning
  45. Refrigeration & warehousing