Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

15th to 17th Feb, 2023

Visitor Profile

Visitors have opportunity to engage with Exhibitors from their office or home in the era of COVID-19.

Visitor Profile
  1. Hotel Restaurant, Cafe and bar
  2. Architects
  3. Banks and Financial Institutions
  4. Building managers, superintendents, owners
  5. CEOs, COOs, VPs, country managers and other management or decision makers of public and private organizations
  6. Embassies and trade offices
  7. Engineers, architects, and consultants
  8. Contractors
  9. Project management companies
  10. Non-governmental organizations
  11. Suppliers and buyers of relevant technologies
  12. System Integrators
  13. Liquor & wine logistics & shipping companies
  14. Ports, Railways, & Terminals
  15. Warehouse owners
  16. Sea food industry
  17. Pharmaceutical industries
  18. Air-conditioning
  19. Refrigeration & warehousing

Visitor Registration

Advantages of Virtual Exhibition

  1. Event hosts and exhibitors save a ton on resources.
  2. Virtual events bring more attendees – qualified leads.
  3. Attendees and exhibitors engage at an unprecedented rate.
  4. Engaging and realistic
  5. No technical skills needed.
  6. Expands your trade show options
  7. Save time on travel